USSD and SMS automation (Life is too short not to automate)

  • Dial *123# and respond 5
  • Dial *321# and just get the response
  • Send 100 SMS’ to +123…
  • Dial *000# and respond 5 a 100 times
  • If response has ‘$0’ cancel request
  • Manually enter pin/password

Easily automate your telephone company services like USSD dialing as well as sending SMS messages.

Automate your life

Easily record the steps needed to perform a Request (USSD and SMS) and we will retrace your steps whilst keeping records of every action we take.

Save Time

Focus on what really matters whilst we take care or the dirty work. Surely dialing USSD’s and SMSing can not be that important to draw all your attention.

Request Catalogue

Find Requests locally tailored by users just like yourself in our extensive Request catalogue or even better

Publish your own Requests and get rewarded based on their usage

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