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♦ So you have all your files (Music, Videos, Pictures etc) jumbled up and you are wondering how (On Earth) am I ever going to have a neatly organised device.

✓ Well (we can only say one thing to you) you have just stumbled upon the right app.

♦ Advanced File Organiser is able to sort your files into music, videos, pictures, you name it at predetermined intervals into multiple folders

✓ In English this means if you have your downloads folder which has a collection of files you can easily move music files to a music folder, videos to a videos folder of your choice and so on. You can set this up to be done at predetermined intervals, from secondly (Very Battery Intensive) to monthly intervals (Negligible Battery Impact).

♦ Wanna backup or move your stuff to your SD card?

✓ We have got that covered whether its Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat or any other android device.
(kitkat users sorry we need root though we are working day and night to bypass android’s restriction)

✓ In addition to moving or backing up files there’s a delete option (though we not sure what to use it for) which you can use to delete those pestering files that keep getting created.

✓ This app is mobile friendly (Yes we know your device has a battery), you can set the app to run only whilst you are charging and it will automatically stop organising your files once your battery runs low and resume once you start charging.

✓ If you are having trouble with anything we have included a help option whilst adding or editing tasks or even better just long click on any icon to see what it does.

✓ We can assure you, You will never have to worry about organising your files ever (We got your Back)

Key Features
✓ Ability to manage files based on file type eg Music files, Video files etc.
✓ Monitor a specific folder ignoring subfolders or hidden folders etc.
✓ Set a time interval for the file monitoring
✓ Choose to delete empty folders after monitoring
✓ Set options for file conflicts eg Overwrite existing files, Rename or Skip etc.
✓ Set multiple folders to monitor and multiple destinations to copy files to.
✓ Monitor files in various ways By date created, By period last modified, Size, type, Name, path, etc
✓ Ability to maintain or not maintain file hierarchy on copy or move
✓ Mobile friendly (Low battery usage)
✓ Set to pause on low battery and resume on plug in
✓ Tutorials (Never scratch your head again)
✓ Set monitoring start date (so you can set the app to run at a certain time e.g On Mondays and Fridays at 2 am)
✓Preview files that will be affected before they are organised
✓Add files to blacklists so that they won’t be organised

Compatibility (KitKat)
Application does not support external memory cards on android KitKat (Internal memory only).

♦START ON BOOT Automatically start the file monitoring service as soon as the device is turned on
♦READ/WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE Application needs these permissions to manage your files

Application needs to be installed on internal storage to be auto started at boot.


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